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EIU Showcase

EIU student Eric Krepton (right), a former professional bull rider, and Dr. Chad Carlson display Eric’s research on the ethical defensibility of animal treatment in the sport of bull riding at the EIU Showcase. Eric did this work in an independent study with Dr. Carlson on the ethics of animals in sports


Let’s Move

2013-04-03_1039On February 28th of 2013, one of our own Eastern Illinois University Kinesiology professors, Dr. Mark Kattenbraker of the Kinesiology and Sport Studies Department was invited to attend the 2013 National Fitness Initiative for promotion of our First Lady’s goals for American Schools.  The event held in Chicago, Illinois was called “Let’s Move!”  This experience gave excellent information on current activity in our schools and focused on updating our programs from the initiative by the first lady, Michelle Obama. Many high profile fitness promoters were present including: Michelle Obama, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, NIKE President, and CEO of AAHPERD.  Several celebrities were also in attendance including: Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Gabby Douglas, Bo Jackson, Dominique Dawes, Bob Harper, and Allyson Felix.  One of the greatest benefits from this event noted by Dr. Kattenbraker is the attempts to unify people in achieving greater healthy goals as a society and the future goals behind the National Governments efforts to get everyone involved in the promotion of fitness in America.

Aqua exercise basics

KSS instructor Colleen N Kattenbraker provides a demonstration on aqua fitness exercises.

Running form drills

KSS instructor John P McInerney demonstrates a number of running form drills.

Effective exercise

Dr. Jeff Willardson demonstrates a number of exercises that will help you to make the most of your time with limited equipment and space.

Effective exercise

Dr. Jeff Willardson talks about exercise myths and roadblocks to fitness success.

Back pain and fitness

Dr. John R Storsved discusses the issue of back pain and how to prevent it in the first place.